USA Judo 2019 Selection Form

(January - June 2019 selections)

Selections for teams for the Grand Prixs and Grand Slams will be made based on the IJF World Ranking Roster (WRL) as of December 17, 2018. Athletes who have been confirmed for any Grand Prix or Grand Slam rosters will be notified via email so that they can start making arrangements.

Choices for tournaments will be awarded in descending order for those who are ranked highest on the WRL and so on. When it gets to the point that the two slots are already filled in a particular weight division for Grand Prixs and Grand Slams, please refer to the selection procedure for the steps for open slots.

Selection Procedures can be found here: Selection Procedure

You may make as many selections are you would like in the order of importance to you.


Disclaimer: There is always a possibility that the IJF changes dates, event types or even cancels events throughout the year. In order to keep the selection process fair for the first and second half of the year, if event dates change to the next half of the year or are cancelled, that does not give athletes who were awarded the event spots the right to claim that event first if it is rescheduled for the next half of the year or to replace that event with another grand prix/grand slam and bump another athlete out of their spot. The changes that the IJF makes to events on their calendar are unpredictable, but to ensure the integrity of the selection procedure remains intact, USA Judo cannot make special exceptions for these scenarios. The open spot procedure gives athletes that may miss out on events they were originally awarded due to various changes in the calendar the opportunity to fill in empty spots for any tournament as they become available.